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Skip Bin in Perth

Our bins are transported by road. To ensure the safety of our drivers and other road users the following rules apply to loading your skip bin:

  • Load only to the top of the bin

  • Heaviest items to the bottom of the bin with lighter materials on top

  • Green waste (tree branches, timber, garden waste)is to be placed on top of bin

What you can put in the Skip Bin

You can fill your skip bin with the following;

  • General waste (furniture, appliances, office waste, plastics, cardboard)

  • Green waste (tree branches, timber, garden waste, grass clippings)

  • Concrete & bricks

  • Heavy waste (soil, rock, pavers)

  • Soil & dirt

  • Hardfill & rubble (tiles, pavers, bricks, sand)

What you can't put in the Skip Bin

Due to current environmental legislation the following items are not allowed to be disposed of in a skip bin:

  • Asbestos

  • Tyres

  • Hazardous goods (paint, oil, thinners, gas bottles)

  • Hardy products like hardifence hardiflex

  • Super 6

Please contact your local council for removal of these materials.

If these products are found in the skip bin extra charges will apply.

How full can I fill the skip bin?

All McSkips bins are to be level loaded only without any materials or items overhanging the top.

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